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What are Buyer expenses?

So….. You’re planning on buying a Commercial Multifamily Building!!
Here is the information you NEED to know. flemingrealty.ca
• Commercial Financing is required for any multifamily of 5 residential units or more
• Commercial Financing amounts is determined based on the Net Operating Income (NOI), as determined by the Lender.

What is "Offers - Subject to viewing". Why?

SOME OWNERS REQUEST THAT OFFERS BE MADE SUBJECT TO VIEWING. This means that the Owner is not prepared to show the property to the prospective Buyer until such time as the Owner has reached agreement with the Buyer on the terms of the transaction as evidenced by a conditional purchase contract. Once the conditional offer is in place and the first deposit received arrangements are made as quickly as possible to make arrangements for a viewing of all suites, common area and mechanical room.