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What is "Offers - Subject to viewing". Why?

I see some commercial listing stating "Offers- Subject to viewing". What does this mean? Why do commercial professionals put this in their listings?

SOME OWNERS REQUEST THAT OFFERS BE MADE SUBJECT TO VIEWING. This means that the Owner is not prepared to show the property to the prospective Buyer until such time as the Owner has reached agreement with the Buyer on the terms of the transaction as evidenced by a conditional purchase contract. Once the conditional offer is in place and the first deposit received arrangements are made as quickly as possible to make arrangements for a viewing of all suites, common area and mechanical room. In some instances an initial viewing is arranged for representative suites of the building and the common area. This might include viewing 1 - 1 BR and 1 - 2 BR suite. If the Buyer is NOT satisfied with what was viewed there is no need to disturb the remainder of the tenants. If the Buyer is still interested a viewing of the remaining units is arranged. The Buyer can then decide to proceed with the transaction subject to other conditions... due diligence, financing as provided in the conditional purchase contract or to provide a NON WAIVER of Conditions to the Seller's representative and the conditional contract is now dead and the deposit is returned to the Buyer. Please note that all arrangements for the viewing of tenants suites are subject to the tenants right to a 24 hour notice under the Alberta Residential Tenancy Act.
Why "Offers - Subject to viewing"?
Many owners are very protective of their tenants and do not want the tenants disturbed any more than is necessary during the sale process. The owners are still wanting to sell their property but they want the financial terms, timing terms, and other terms of the transaction agreed to first before they disturb their tenants. In some instances the Owner, prior to having a signed conditional contract, may consent to a viewing of the common areas, mechanical room and representative suites.... 1 -1 BR, 1- 2BR to prospective Buyers if they feel confident that Buyers have been duly qualified by their representatives.